Pair your device with TVZion

Why pair your device?

By pairing your device you'll have the following -

  1. No ads everytime you click play buttons.
  2. Free downloads.

How to pair your device?

Pairing your device is easy. Here's how -

  1. Click on the checkbox on the right (scroll down if you can't see it) that says I'm not a robot, click on it, solve the captcha if prompted.
  2. Once the tick mark on that checkbox appears, scroll to the bottom of the white page until you see a button that says Pair.
  3. Click on the pair button several times until it says Your Ip is currently paired.
  4. Done!

How long will the pairing last?

It'll last for 4 hours or 5 videos, whichever is earlier.

How do I pair again?

Under the videos, click on pair, visit this page again, and pair as mentioned above.

How many times can I pair?

You can pair as many times as you want.

Is pairing free?

Pairing is completely free, however, if you'd like to pay us, please donate instead.