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Detective Lieutenant Everett Backstrom is a man with no filter. After a five-year exile to the traffic division for offensive behavior, he has returned from disgrace to lead Portland's newly minted S.C.U. Tasked with navigating the city's most sensitive and serious cases, he must solve each crime as he tries, and fails, to change his own self-destructive behavior. Based on renowned Swedish criminologist and novelist Leif G.W. Persson’s hit series of books of the same name.


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  1. 13 Watch Backstrom S01E13 online - Rock Bottom
    Available Aired on Apr 30, 2015
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    Available Aired on Apr 23, 2015
  3. 11
    Available Aired on Apr 16, 2015
  4. 10
    Available Aired on Apr 09, 2015
  5. 9
    Available Aired on Apr 02, 2015
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    Available Aired on Mar 26, 2015
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    Available Aired on Mar 05, 2015
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    Available Aired on Feb 26, 2015
  9. 5
    Available Aired on Feb 19, 2015
  10. 4
    Available Aired on Feb 12, 2015
  11. 3
    Available Aired on Feb 05, 2015
  12. 2
    Available Aired on Jan 29, 2015
  13. 1
    Available Aired on Jan 22, 2015

Watch Backstrom season 1 episode 13 (S01E13)

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When a Native American is found dead under a bridge on the Wabacooche Indian reservation, Amy’s new boyfriend and Indian Reserve Police Captain, Jesse Rocha, wants in on the case. Backstrom then learns that Indian meth-king Norwest, of Cooch County, is a suspect in the case, and he is convinced his father, Cooch County Sheriff Blue Backstrom, knows about Norwest’s drug dealings, leaving Backstrom to make a difficult decision. Meanwhile, in order to keep his job with the S.C.U., Backstrom must impress Dr. Deb.

Watch Backstrom season 1 episode 12 (S01E12)

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Sarah Chalke (“Scrubs”) Guest-Stars Backstrom comes home to find Dante Trippi, Valentine’s abuser, murdered on his doorstep. Worried that Valentine could be next, the S.C.U.’s investigation leads Backstrom to a ring of counterfeit wine smugglers, a corrupt river patrol cop and a Club of Portland government official. Meanwhile, Valentine’s inability to tell the truth makes it harder for the team to catch the killer and Amy (guest star Sarah Chalke) has a new boyfriend, of whom Backstrom is not fond.

Watch Backstrom season 1 episode 11 (S01E11)

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Backstrom and the S.C.U. are plunged into the zany, provocative world of a performance art festival when one of the participating artists is found dead. Their investigation turns up a slew of potential killers, all of whom are creative types involved in the festival. In the process of solving the murder, Backstrom reveals a surprising appreciation for visual artwork, and a moment of passion between him and a fiery suspect turns into its own piece of performance art.

Watch Backstrom season 1 episode 10 (S01E10)

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When a young female sex surrogate is found dead in Portland's Rose Garden, the S.C.U. investigates what could be a crime of lust, rage, passion or possibly even love. Meanwhile, Backstrom receives very upsetting news about his mother.

Watch Backstrom season 1 episode 9 (S01E09)

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A key witness in a drug investigation is found dead after escaping from his court-mandated rehab program, and Backstrom must figure out how he escaped and who killed him. However, when the S.C.U. learns that the victim is member of a band and all his bandmates dislike him, they start to believe that the killer may be someone closer than they expected. Meanwhile, Backstrom has reason to believe that Valentine may be more than just his tenant.

Watch Backstrom season 1 episode 8 (S01E08)

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Backstrom and the S.C.U. investigate a hit-and-run that leaves a wealthy woman dead.

Watch Backstrom season 1 episode 7 (S01E07)

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Backstrom and his team must work with his estranged father in order to catch a suspected eco-terrorist.

Watch Backstrom season 1 episode 6 (S01E06)

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A murder leads Backstrom and his team to an illegal gambling ring.

Watch Backstrom season 1 episode 5 (S01E05)

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Backstrom and his team are called in when a teenage girl are abducted by an online predator.

Watch Backstrom season 1 episode 4 (S01E04)

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Backstrom and his team are called in when a member of Portland's LGBT community is killed.

Watch Backstrom season 1 episode 3 (S01E03)

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Backstrom and his team are called in after a youth pastor is discovered murdered at a church.

Watch Backstrom season 1 episode 2 (S01E02)

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The team help to investigate an serial arsonist.

Watch Backstrom season 1 episode 1 (S01E01)

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The supposed suicide of a senator's son ends up being a homicide.

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