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Every villain has a noble cause, and every hero has a dark side. Detective Ryan Lopez is a rising star in Los Angeles' elite Gang Task Force. What the world doesn't know is that long before Ryan became a cop, he pledged allegiance to a different band of brothers – a powerful Latino gang called Los Angelicos. When Ryan's best friend and police partner is senselessly killed by a notorious gang member, Ryan teams up with longtime Task Force member Cassius Green who has been at the forefront of the city's war on organized crime. In this war between law enforcement and gangs, the series explores how only people who really know the streets can win the battle on the streets.

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Gang Related Episodes

  1. 13 Watch Gang Related S01E13 online - Malandros
    Available Aired on Aug 14, 2014
  2. 12
    Available Aired on Aug 07, 2014
  3. 11
    Available Aired on Jul 31, 2014
  4. 10
    Available Aired on Jul 24, 2014
  5. 9
    Available Aired on Jul 17, 2014
  6. 8
    Available Aired on Jul 10, 2014
  7. 7
    Available Aired on Jul 03, 2014
  8. 6
    Available Aired on Jun 26, 2014
  9. 5
    Available Aired on Jun 19, 2014
  10. 4
    Available Aired on Jun 12, 2014
  11. 3
    Available Aired on Jun 05, 2014
  12. 2
    Available Aired on May 29, 2014
  13. 1
    Available Aired on May 22, 2014

Watch Gang Related season 1 episode 13 (S01E13)

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Daniel uses his wedding to finalize a deal between Javier and Lavar Quintel. Chapel leads his team into Mexico to find Matias, who he believes is responsible for a heinous murder.

Watch Gang Related season 1 episode 12 (S01E12)

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Ryan has Javier make a deal with the D.A.'s office as the Metas begin to solve the mystery regarding Salazar's death. Meanwhile, Jessica reveals Ryan's secret to Ellis, and Daniel emerges as a leader within the Los Angelicos.

Watch Gang Related season 1 episode 11 (S01E11)

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We learn there was more to Javier’s arrest than meets the eye, and Jessica makes a startling discovery about Ryan.

Watch Gang Related season 1 episode 10 (S01E10)

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Ryan arrests Javier and, in doing so, proves his loyalty to the GTF. Across town, Daniel realizes he's lost all credibility in the banking industry and begins to embrace his true identity as the heir apparent to Los Angelicos.

Watch Gang Related season 1 episode 9 (S01E09)

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Tio Gordo kills a Meta rival in retaliation after an explosion rocks a Los Angelicos festival, and the gang's leader demands "an eye for eye" from Javier to even the score. Meanwhile, Jessica shares information with Carter about the woman she saw at Ryan's home.

Watch Gang Related season 1 episode 8 (S01E08)

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Trouble for the Task Force stems from a change in California's "Three Strikes" law. Meanwhile, Silvia's visit to Ryan is observed by Jessica; and Carlos reaches the point of no return in his plan to seize power from Javier as the leader of Los Angelicos.

Watch Gang Related season 1 episode 7 (S01E07)

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With Daniel held hostage and the clock ticking, Ryan engages in a dangerous heist to steal back the confiscated fishscale.

Watch Gang Related season 1 episode 6 (S01E06)

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Daniel puts himself at risk in an attempt to make up for money he unintentionally mismanaged, while Carlos grows increasingly mistrustful of Javier's plan to "legitimize" Los Angelicos.

Watch Gang Related season 1 episode 5 (S01E05)

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Carlos taints another gang's meth shipment in order to drive business toward Los Angelicos' fishscale supply. But his plan backfires and causes a world of trouble for his family and for the GTF.

Watch Gang Related season 1 episode 4 (S01E04)

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The Gang Task Force discovers a sex-trafficking ring run by a Russian mafia family, which eventually leads them to a gruesome discovery. Ryan is faced with a difficult decision when he moves to put the gang's leader behind bars, but learns that doing so will significantly delay Javier's plans to get his family on a better track.

Watch Gang Related season 1 episode 3 (S01E03)

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Ryan and the Gang Task Force bring a Colombian snitch to Federal Court to testify, but are ambushed en route. Ryan is torn between his Task Force duties and giving up the snitch's location to help Javier and the Acosta family go legit.

Watch Gang Related season 1 episode 2 (S01E02)

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Ryan must track down rival gang members who shot Carlos, in order both to avoid a gang war and to cover up his own involvement in the shooting. Meanwhile, Ryan gets closer to Jessica, who is investigating another shooting, and finds himself genuinely falling for her.

Watch Gang Related season 1 episode 1 (S01E01)

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Ryan teams up with a street-savvy veteran cop after his partner is killed by a well-known hoodlum.

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