Last Aired S03E11 on Nov 07, 2018
Season 3
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Aug 28, 2018
42 Min

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Watch Greenleaf season 3 episode 11 (S03E11)

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The Greenleafs' IRS issues escalate when the FBI raids both Calvary and Triumph on suspicion of embezzlement; Grace questions her paternity when Aaron tells her that his father, Lionel, died.

Watch Greenleaf season 3 episode 10 (S03E10)

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Grace discovers Rochelle Cross' true identity with Darius' help. Kerissa welcomes Triumph's new accountant and learns two hundred thousand dollars is missing.

Watch Greenleaf season 3 episode 9 (S03E09)

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The Bishop wrestles with signing the divorce papers on the weekend of his Silver Jubilee celebration; Grace realizes her father will need help at Calvary when Lady Mae is gone.

Watch Greenleaf season 3 episode 8 (S03E08)

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The Bishop struggles to maintain his place within the family after another Zora crisis hits the Greenleafs; Grace attempts to convince Coralie not to take the district attorney's plea deal.

Watch Greenleaf season 3 episode 7 (S03E07)

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Grace questions her involvement in the Coralie Hunter case when the D.A. threatens to reopen her case with Mac. The Bishop and Lady Mae disagree on hosting “A Day with Lady Mae” at Calvary.

Watch Greenleaf season 3 episode 6 (S03E06)

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Maxine Patterson visits Calvary the weekend Lady Mae and the Bishop announce their divorce to the congregation. Grace and Rochelle find a case for their legal defense fund.

Watch Greenleaf season 3 episode 5 (S03E05)

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The Bishop and Lady Mae make alternate plans after Clara denies them the check for the IRS bill. Grace tends to Sophia when a medical emergency sends her daughter to the hospital.

Watch Greenleaf season 3 episode 4 (S03E04)

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Lady Mae visits world famous Pastor Maxine Patterson and endures the Bishop's final attempt to win her back at a Round Table party. Connie asks if Grace is interested in running Calvary.

Watch Greenleaf season 3 episode 3 (S03E03)

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The Bishop sends Lady Mae into a tailspin when he surprises her with divorce papers. Grace does a newspaper interview in Mae's place, while deploying Darius to investigate Rochelle.

Watch Greenleaf season 3 episode 2 (S03E02)

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Grace takes Rochelle up on her offer to help start a legal defense fund. Bishop and Lady Mae ask if parishioner Clara Jackson's Powerball winnings can assist with their IRS bill.

Watch Greenleaf season 3 episode 1 (S03E01)

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The Bishop and Lady Mae's crumbling marriage threatens to destroy the Greenleaf family, but they soon find their church in danger when a $2 million IRS tax bill arrives at Calvary. The Season 3 premiere.

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