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Season 6
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Sep 16, 2012
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    Available Aired on Apr 07, 2013
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    Available Aired on Mar 31, 2013
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    Available Aired on Mar 24, 2013
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    Available Aired on Mar 03, 2013
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    Available Aired on Feb 17, 2013
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    Available Aired on Feb 10, 2013
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    Available Aired on Jan 20, 2013
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    Available Aired on Jan 13, 2013
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    Available Aired on Jan 06, 2013
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    Available Aired on Dec 09, 2012
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    Available Aired on Dec 02, 2012
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    Available Aired on Nov 11, 2012
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    Available Aired on Nov 04, 2012
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    Available Aired on Oct 28, 2012
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    Available Aired on Oct 07, 2012
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    Available Aired on Sep 30, 2012
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    Available Aired on Sep 23, 2012
  18. 1
    Available Aired on Sep 16, 2012

Watch Heartland season 6 episode 18 (S06E18)

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With the threat of losing Phoenix looming over their heads, things become even more complicated at Heartland when Georgie gets a surprise visit from her brother Jeff.

Watch Heartland season 6 episode 17 (S06E17)

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Amy and Lou help Georgie regain her confidence as a showjumper when Olivia makes her question her place in the family.

Watch Heartland season 6 episode 16 (S06E16)

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Amy is having trouble dealing with a roping horse that only wants to buck and Caleb, who isn't sure he wants to ride broncs anymore.

Watch Heartland season 6 episode 15 (S06E15)

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In an effort to prove Jeremy was responsible for Buckingham's death, Ty searches for evidence.

Watch Heartland season 6 episode 14 (S06E14)

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Ty's future as a vet is in jeopardy when there's a fatality at Scott's clinic.

Watch Heartland season 6 episode 13 (S06E13)

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Scott discovers that Spartan has a broken leg and Amy is forced to make the toughest decision of her life.

Watch Heartland season 6 episode 12 (S06E12)

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When a local horse show is cancelled Lou saves the day for Georgie and Mallory by stepping up to host it at Heartland.

Watch Heartland season 6 episode 11 (S06E11)

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Jeremy forces Amy to make a tough decision about Phoenix when his horse, Buckingham, sustains a serious injury that threatens his jumping career.

Watch Heartland season 6 episode 10 (S06E10)

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Amy and Ty hold off telling the family their great news when they return from their trip to find everyone reeling from the devastating fire at Lou and Peter's home.

Watch Heartland season 6 episode 9 (S06E09)

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A trip to help out an old friend at a fishing camp doesn't go as planned, and a series of unexpected events elevate it into a life-changing weekend for the entire family.

Watch Heartland season 6 episode 8 (S06E08)

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When Ty needs some engine parts for his broken down truck he's forced to turn to the last person on earth he wants help from - his stepfather, Wade.

Watch Heartland season 6 episode 7 (S06E07)

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Chase Powers returns to Heartland with an aspiring liberty horse rider (Hayley) who wants Amy to be her coach.

Watch Heartland season 6 episode 6 (S06E06)

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Amy seeks out an up-and-coming show jumper to learn why he's refusing Scott and Ty's suggested treatment for his horse.

Watch Heartland season 6 episode 5 (S06E05)

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Janice brings Cisco Kid (and her emotional baggage over Tim) to Heartland for Amy to figure out why Cisco's lost that winning feeling.

Watch Heartland season 6 episode 4 (S06E04)

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Tim is trying to convince Jack to be his partner in the purchase of a bison bull when Miranda comes to Heartland for a visit and goes on a trail ride with Tim that could totally change their family dynamic.

Watch Heartland season 6 episode 3 (S06E03)

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Tim hopes for a big commission when he helps a wealthy weekend cowboy look for his dream ranch, while Amy’s stuck teaching his trophy wife how to ride.

Watch Heartland season 6 episode 2 (S06E02)

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Ty struggles to deal with the fact that Amy has found the engagement ring and has to decide how and whether he is going to propose to her or not.

Watch Heartland season 6 episode 1 (S06E01)

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Amy is bursting to ask Ty about the engagement ring, and why he hasn’t proposed yet, but a couple of “runaways” throw everything at Heartland into turmoil.

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