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Shattered is a Canadian police procedural series created by Rick Drew. The main character is a tough, smart homicide detective in Vancouver who suffers from dissociative identity disorder, also known as multiple personality disorder. His wife Ella is played by Molly Parker. In the first moments of the series, Ben is bonded in blood to his determined, beautiful partner Amy Lynch. While they work to solve the murder cases that cross their desk daily, Ben copes with the fascinating complexities of his secret disorder, and the uncertainty of never knowing which alternate personality will surface, or when. Other regular characters of the series are Sergeant Pam ‘TC’ Garrett, John ‘Hall’ Holland a young, handsome and ambitious detective, and Terry Rhodes, Ben’s best friend and ex-partner.


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Shattered Seasons

  1. Watch Shattered Season 1 S01
    12 of 13 Ep. Available 2010

Shattered Episodes

  1. 13
    Available Aired on Nov 17, 2010
  2. 12
    Available Aired on Nov 10, 2010
  3. 11 Watch Shattered S01E11 online - Finding The Boy
    Available Aired on Feb 04, 2011
  4. 10
    Available Aired on Jan 28, 2011
  5. 9
    Available Aired on Nov 03, 2010
  6. 8
    Available Aired on Oct 27, 2010
  7. 7
    Available Aired on Oct 13, 2010
  8. 6
    Not Available Aired on Dec 31, 2010
  9. 5
    Available Aired on Sep 22, 2010
  10. 4
    Available Aired on Oct 06, 2010
  11. 3
    Available Aired on Sep 29, 2010
  12. 2
    Available Aired on Sep 08, 2010
  13. 1
    Available Aired on Sep 01, 2010

Watch Shattered season 1 episode 13 (S01E13)

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The murder investigation of a closet pedophile provides a link to Ben Sullivan's missing son and a frantic search ensues to locate him.

Watch Shattered season 1 episode 12 (S01E12)

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The homicide detectives investigate a twenty year closed case when twenty-five year old Sophia Bacic now believes she witnessed the murder of her older sister, Josie Bacic. Two youths, friends Gil Dobeck and Matthew Evans, who were present at the crime scene by the Fraser River, were convicted of the murder, and sentenced to life.

Watch Shattered season 1 episode 11 (S01E11)

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Two professional hit men open fire on a groom and guests at a wedding celebration

Watch Shattered season 1 episode 10 (S01E10)

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A girl discovers her mother brutally murdered and Ben suspects her estranged older brother may have had something to do with it.

Watch Shattered season 1 episode 9 (S01E09)

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A brutal sexual assault and murder has eerily similar characteristics to an earlier unsolved case Lynch worked on, and she is convinced she knows who the killer is.

Watch Shattered season 1 episode 8 (S01E08)

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While two prisoners are being transferred to the city jail, one of them manages to get hold of an officer's gun and creates a dangerous standoff with the Homicide detectives.

Watch Shattered season 1 episode 7 (S01E07)

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Detectives Sullivan and Lynch go undercover to an after hours nightclub when the heist of a high stakes poker game ups the ante, leaving one gunman dead and the other missing.

Watch Shattered season 1 episode 6 (S01E06)

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A woman's body is found floating in the ocean.

Watch Shattered season 1 episode 5 (S01E05)

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A recent explosion at an engineering firm may be connected to other bombings up the coast, and the detectives are called in to support the feds' investigation.

Watch Shattered season 1 episode 4 (S01E04)

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Ben Sullivan and Amy Lynch are assigned to the murder of an attractive woman, shot dead at close range, and their investigation reveals that she had ties to an escort service.

Watch Shattered season 1 episode 3 (S01E03)

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Ben and Lynch investigate the multiple homicide of a group of teenagers that appears to be gang-related. There is a witness, but she’s not talking.

Watch Shattered season 1 episode 2 (S01E02)

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Terry and Holl investigate the death of Wendy Summers, a heart transplant recipient who died as a result of the transplant. They try to find out about the transplant, about which her husband Brian Summers doesn't seem to be totally truthful. Meanwhile, Ben and Amy investigate the murder of Dr. Wen Zhang, his body stuffed in a laundromat washing machine. Dr. Zhang, who was not yet accredited in Canada, was a prominent Chinese national with a wealthy Canadian wife, Amanda Fleming. Because of his status, the Chinese Embassy wants to be involved peripherally in the investigation, that against the wishes of Ben and Amy. The questioning one of the laundromat employees, Zan Ji, also a Chinese national and an illegal immigrant, leads Ben and Amy to 'Brother' Reggie Song, a local notorious drug dealer, and a container shipment of his, the container which they assume is filled with drugs. When Ben and Amy discover what is actually in the container, they find a connection to another case in their office, which leads to the question of why one of their witnesses lied to them. And at the Sullivan home, Ella finds evidence of a woman in Ben's life named Naomi. In tracking down Naomi, Ella finds that the connection relates back to "Harry", one of Ben's alternate personalities.

Watch Shattered season 1 episode 1 (S01E01)

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In the first moments of the series, Ben is bonded in blood to his tough, beautiful partner, Amy Lynch, when the two are involved in a shooting that they must cover up together.

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